Your Choices Count

Your Choices Count Program is a Character/Life-Skills Development Solution that delivers Knowledge, Skills, Values and Traits to enable young people to succeed in school/college, in the workplace, to live happy, worthy and fulfilling personal lives and become engaged, responsible and productive citizens.

  • KNOWLEDGE – what a person needs to know and understand.
  • SKILLS – what a person should be able to do.
  • VALUES – what a person or teen should value and believe.
  • TRAITS – what characteristics and attributes of character a person should possess.

We look forward to the opportunity of working together with your school to impact the lives of your pupils/students with knowledge, values, skills and traits of character necessary to excel in today’s challenging and changing global world.

Bridges To Goodness Character Education Framework

“When we think about the kind of character we want for our students, it’s clear that we want them to be able to judge what is right, care deeply about what is right, and then do what they believe to be right—even in the face of pressure from without and temptation from within.” – Dr Lickona

Character education is the deliberate effort to help people understand, care about, and act upon core ethical values. It is the intentional effort to develop in young people core ethical and performance values/life-skills that are widely affirmed across all cultures.

Bridges To Goodness Character Education Project developed “Your Choices Count – Character & Life-Skill Development Solution. This character education program is based on the identification and teaching of key values and life skills that will result in choices that produce desired behaviours.   It is an organized, integrated and purposeful values-based interventions that create a good culture/climate that fosters meaningful, measurable and sustainable improvements in the intellectual, social and emotional growth, moral and character development, and physical and emotional well-being of children and youths.

Your Choices Count Program is an intentional effort to develop in young people and adults

  • Timeless core ethical values, performance values, and life-skills that are widely affirmed across all cultures.
  • Promote balanced intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development.
  • Build principle-centred personalities: consciousness, conscience, courage, competence, commitment, consistency, creativity in young people and adults to become responsible, caring and contributing citizens in their communities and globally.
  • Provide ethical/performance values and life-skills building framework, content, curriculum, activities, quizzes, games, discussions etc.
  • Complement and balance intellectual/mental/academic education with moral/furthering core values development education.

Past efforts towards achieving successful character building programs in schools have mostly been unsuccessful because academic activities had always relegated character development programs to second place in the school system. To guard against this and ensure successful program outcomes, Your Choices Count – Character/Life-/Skills Development School Agenda Program was developed as a framework that integrates Academic and Character Building Activities into one platform, thereby driving academic activities in the school on the platform of character and consequently ensuring balanced educational development of students.

 Developed with the support and collaboration of ethics education thought leaders, YOUR CHOICES COUNT program contains key features that make it a very robust tool in helping to build good character, life-skills, organizational skills and time management skills both in and out of the classroom.

 Some of the features of the Choices Count Journal include:

  • Various Character Values and Life Skills are planned and extensively discussed through the school year. This first edition goes beyond the Six Pillars of Character to feature a growing list positive character values and life-skills: Excellence, Goal Setting, Decision Making, Do Your Share, Collaboration, Integrity, Gratitude, Compassion, Fairness, Growth Mindset, Golden Rule, Forgiveness, Punctuality, Diligence, Reliability, Critical Thinking, Concern for Others, Communication, Attentiveness, Enthusiasm, Perseverance.
  • The second edition comprises the following: Responsibility, Civic Duty, Trust, Kindness, Humility, Leadership, Honesty, Tolerance, Determination, Unity, Charity, Healthy Choices, Community Service, Self-Esteem, Listening Skills, Conflict Resolution, Patience, Self-Discipline, Problem Solving, Self-Control. Learning to Learn, Teamwork, Nurturing Relationships.
  • There is a character trait or life-skill for every two weeks of the school year. Along with what each trait/life-skill means, there is a listing of synonyms and antonyms, fruits/benefits that come from developing this trait and steps on how you can choose and develop these traits/life-skills.
  • There is a section for you to set goals, list steps on how you are working towards the goal and making progress. The purpose is for you to think about the goal, and for you to write down tangible things you can do to work towards that goal. This section ends with a review of how well you did towards the achievement of your goals.
  • The entire agenda journal offers a full school year’s curriculum for character/life-skills building. It incorporates role models of character and lessons from nature with discussion prompts, activities, etc.
  • The book also serves as an Academic Home Work Diary/Character Building Workbook.
  • It also serves as a Communication Book for parents and teachers on a day-to-day basis in addition to other features too numerous to mention.

Children/Teens: Daily use of the CHOICES COUNT Agenda Program/Journal both in school and at home will assist pupils/students in achieving academic and personal success by strengthening knowledge, values, traits of good character and life skills like time management and organizational skills. The character building exercises and content of the program offer guidance to kids on how to positively approach life choices and tackle difficult decisions. This marriage of life-skills development and character building will aid students in the goals of becoming college and career ready.

 Parents/Guardians: We all know character education begins at home, but parents/guardians can sometimes find themselves with a lack of resources and at a loss for where to start. Our Values-Driven Parenting (Moms for Character) program provide them with a vehicle and resource to initiate dialogue at home with their children about important character values, enabling them to support the school’s character education efforts and entrench it at home. Without schools implementing the program, families can adopt the program and use it at the home effort.

 Teachers/Caregivers: We’ve saved teachers and caregivers planning time by including weekly people of character discussion ideas, lessons from nature, weekly character/life-skill development exercises that facilitate daily character-driven classroom banter. These conversations can develop better-behaved students who show more respect for staff, adults and to each other. Our agenda’s grade-appropriate features keep students of all ages organized and on-task. Signature and parent/teacher comment sections keep parents/guardians involved in their children’s education while enabling open communication between home and classroom.

 Schools/Communities: The implementation of Your CHOICES COUNT School Agenda Program helps create a more nurturing school climate. Proper use of the program content and ideas encourages self-expression among students while stressing tolerance and acceptance. Such a learning environment enables the building of school/community-wide culture of kindness and cultivates a more socially conscious student body. The result … improved teacher morale and kids who become responsible, positive, and productive members of society.