teach for character


We all want a better Africa, where order, justice, peace, prosperity reigns. This new order can only come about through balanced qualitative education to help our young generation become not only smart/intelligent but also good/successful. A new generation of educators must emerge to drive this vision.

Hence the birth of Teach For Character

Teach for Character Initiative was founded by B2G Projects as a platform that will bring together new generation of well-meaning young African change agents, educators and professionals who have the passion, goodwill and capacity to impact the younger generation positively by providing foundational education solutions for accelerated human development. We seek to bring together a team of people who can share in our vision to go out there and believe that something can be done. Our goal is to lead a transformative force with new ideas in a relentless pursuit of better communities, better Africa and a better world.

The Problem

The T4C team recently undertook a study of both public and private schools in Nigeria to determine their needs, problems and potential opportunities. The outcome of this study which mirrors what is obtainable in other African countries revealed the following:

  • Millions of African children and youth are passing through our public schools every year, but most of them are not learning. From studies we conducted, a high percentage of children from ages 6 to 18 in our public schools are not learning because they cannot read and write. The consequence is that most of these students graduate from our public schools as functional illiterates – a term used to describe reading and writing skills that are inadequate to cope with the demands of everyday life.
  • Students are products of our social environment hence the challenges of lack of discipline, responsibility and poor character which leads to gross underachievement by students in their academic and personal lives.
  • Most schools are not implementing an organized, integrated, purposeful, school-wide values-based intervention program that is culture and climate changing and impacts the intellectual, emotional, social, moral and physical well-being of the pupil/student.
  • Below average competency, character flaws and low commitment on the part of teachers that impacts the quality of content delivery andOur aim is to achieve the twin great goals of education by helping 1,000,000 (One Million) under-served children in rural public schools become SMART (Literate) and become GOOD (Character) hence the GOOD Kids, Smart Kids – No Child Left Behind Initiative through private sector-led philanthropic support, corporate social responsibility efforts and community partnerships within the next five years.

The Way Forward

A free nation can rise no higher than the standard of excellence set in its schools and colleges. Failure of our educational system breeds failures in our social and economic system. Failure to improve education performance is thus not only poor social policy, it is poor economics.” John F. Kennedy.


The learning deficit crisis in Africa is getting worse every day we (the private sector) sit back and do nothing. Our collective experience in the last two decades have shown that provision of basic functional education for our under-privileged community children should no longer be left in the hands of government and its agencies. It will take a private sector-led intervention with fresh ideas to begin the process of improving learning achievements in our public schools.


Our initiative to eradicate illiteracy and build traits/values of good character among young learners is called GOOD KIDS, SMART KIDS – NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND Initiative. This initiative shall ensure that every child born into all our partner communities should be able to read and write proficiently at latest the age of seven and structures put in place to ensure that it remains so in perpetuity. Intervention programs shall also be provided for older kids. Within the next five years (2016-2021), we project to impact and enrich the lives of a critical mass of 1,000,000 pupils/students.




A Character & Life-Skills Development Agenda Program provides you the content and support to help children and youth acquire the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, VALUES and TRAITS needed to succeed in school/college, in the workplace, to live happy, worthy and fulfilling personal lives and become engaged, responsible and productive citizens.


A Program that delivers literacy skills to young public school learners within six months of implementation using proprietary processes with inbuilt sustainability which we have developed on site supported by advanced materials and content from PEARSON Learning Inc. – the world’s largest education organization.


We are looking for individuals with change agent credentials. Individuals who wants to make things better on a full-time or part time partnership basis. One who is interested in human capacity development. Die-hard optimists who are self-motivated. Someone who is prepared to work in communities/neighborhoods. One who believes in harnessing and unleashing the human potential as the panacea for African underdevelopment. Good use of the social media. Good interpersonal skills and communication skills.