B2G Projects Consulting is a full service leadership company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We help leaders and managers build and shape their organization’s culture by providing assessments, executive coaching and training programs that contemplate the essential role of character and competence in decision-making. We help improve the quality of life in the workplace (Building Corporate Ethical Culture) by equipping leaders with the tools needed to provide real-world solutions.

Most companies hire for competence but fire for character. This imbalanced approach is expensive, risky, and draining. B2G Projects Consulting can help you break that cycle and build a positive culture based on character and competence. All of the programs offered by B2G Projects

Consulting including assessments, coaching, training, and organizational development—focus on a combination of character and competence in order to produce the type of consistency that makes a world-class organization.


We kick start our relationship with organizations with an intensive training on “SHAPING YOUR CORE FOCUS” – Introduction to Building an Ethical Culture of Character, Competence and Consistency”. This is a three days off-site experiential training.  Subsequently, we offer other trainings that now builds upon this foundation like –

Building Trust

Building Teamwork

Business Etiquette

Hiring for Character and Competence

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Stress and Time Management

Communication and Listening Skills

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Other services we offer includes:


Executive Coaching