Our Value Proposition for Community Partnership for Human Infrastructure Development

  • Support visionary governments to make foundational education (human infrastructure development) the topmost priority in governance.
  • Restore the joy of learning in our public schools where children will flock to schools without compulsion or coercion to enroll and stay in school as long as it takes to be part of the learning experience thereby engendering an enthusiasm feedback that motives better performance from teachers and delivers measurable immediate improvements in the quality of learning.
  • Institutionalize emphasis in learning outcomes and achievements especially in the critically important early learning years by ensuring that every child attending our public school attains functional literacy at a very early age – maximum at age seven thereby eradicating functional illiteracy from our public-school system.
  • Move for the enactment of a law to ensure that it is the right of every child born in impacted communities attain functional literacy at latest the age of seven.
  • Certify and celebrate functional literacy achievement by these young learners.
  • Balance character and academic education in such a way that academic activities are driven on the platform of character building.
  • Train and support public school teachers and keep them up abreast of global education trends and practices.