Prince Nnagozie Ochi

Prince Nnagozie Ochi


PRINCE NNAGOZIE OCHI is a Visionary, Thought Leader, Community Leader, Entrepreneur, Educator, Social Architect, Economist Publisher, Consultant, Public Speaker, Simplificationist and Nature Enthusiast


Prince Nnagozie Ochi – second generation Nigerian is an Economist, Social Scientist, Thought Leader and Entrepreneur with well over two decades of private sector experience. He is a certified Ethics and Character Development Educator from the Josephson Institute of Ethics, Los Angeles, USA.

Prince Ochi is the Project Director and Chief Social Architect of B2G Projects – a human infrastructure development organization with specialty in the design and delivery of innovative models for accelerating the performance capacity of individuals and society. B2G Projects have expandable human and technological capacity to design, deliver and manage systems that drives and delivers education solutions for development.

Prince Ochi is the co-founder of GOOD Nigeria Initiative – a project founded to make Good Character Count in Nigerian schools and ultimately lead to the Values Culture Transformation of Nigeria. This program is currently reaching and impacting the lives of about 20,000 students and 1,000 teachers. As an Ethics Education Entrepreneur, Prince Ochi is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of “Your Choices Count” Agenda Journal, a Values and Life-Skills Development Program.

In addition, Prince N. Ochi recently founded the Teach and Inspire Africa Initiative – a platform for educators, nation builders, hands-rocking-the-cradle, human development change agents to serve as a transformative force in the relentless pursuit of a better World.

B2G Projects is also serving corporate and government agencies with its Core Values Consulting services to strengthen the ethical fabric of corporate organizations for the achievement of growth, increased productivity and enhanced working environment.

The driving volition of the team of Social Architects at B2G Projects is to see to the emergence of a critical mass of human beings with developed capacities and moral compass to compete, cooperate, thrive and contribute in the shaping of a better world in the emerging 21st Century.