Welcome to Bridges To Goodness

We are a social enterprise organization founded by a team of social architects to offer foundational education solutions for accelerated development of Africa. We are leading a transformative force with new ideas, relentless in the pursuit of better people, better communities, better nations and a better Africa. We have proven specialty in the design and delivery of innovative models for accelerating the performance capacity of people and communities.

Our core focus is to provide the leadership that will lead to the achievement of the two great goals of education – help young people become smart (intelligent) and also to become good (character). We collaborate with thought leaders and leading international education companies to create actionable and scalable learning solutions that addresses today’s most pressing challenges in the African educational system.

The emergence of a critical mass of values-driven younger generation who are conscious of, committed to and competent at making life choices based on key values to thereby achieve happiness, success, and significance in the 21st-century global world.

  • Build and celebrate the goodness and greatness of children and youths.
  • Help people make better life choices and lead a values-driven life that would enable them to succeed in the work place, in their families and communities, to live happy, worthy and fulfilling personal lives, and become engaged, responsible and productive citizens.

Our Value Proposition

Balance Character and Academics in Education.

Integrated Character and Life-Skills Development Program.

Framework and Curriculum with Enriching Content for School-Wide Implementation.

Measurable Road map and Practical Strategies for Result Oriented Implementation.

Teachers Training, Coaching, Mentoring, and Character Education Professional Development.

In-built Student Buy-in, Ownership and Leadership Training.

Values-Driven Parenting for Character Program and Support.

Build Ethical Content and Culture into Higher Education Communities.

Build Organizational and Corporate Ethical Culture of Character, Competence, and Consistency.

Community Partnership for Human Infrastructure Development.

Better people, better homes, better communities, better society and a better world.

Milestones & Achievements

Good People Project

People with good character and life-skills

Capacity for personal leadership and interdependence

Moral ambition, Moral conscience, Moral courage

High aspirations

Higher productivity

Life successes

Expanded world view and exposure

Belief, Insight, Purpose

Vision, Confidence, and Ability

Great Nation Project

Great nations where goodness is celebrated

Good quality of life

Prosperous society

Supportive systems

Responsive governance

Organized communities

Functional physical infrastructure

Maximized natural resource utilization