BRIDGES TO GOODNESS (B2G) PROJECTS is a social enterprise organization founded by a team of social architects to offer foundational education solutions for accelerated development of Africa. We are leading a transformative force with new ideas, relentless in the pursuit of better people, better communities, better nations and a better Africa. We have proven specialty in the design and delivery of innovative models for accelerating the performance capacity of people and communities.

Our core focus is to provide the leadership that will lead to the achievement of the two great goals of education – help young people become smart (intelligent) and also to become good (character). We collaborate with thought leaders and leading international education companies to create actionable and scalable learning solutions that addresses today’s most pressing challenges in the African educational system.

  • Lagos Mums Values-Driven Change Agenda
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  • YCC- Character And Life Skills Development Journal – Secondary School Edition
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  • YCC- Character And Life Skills Development Journal Primary School Edition
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Ribena Bridges To Goodness Good Values Awards Event was held on Saturday, May 27, 2017.
The event was a successful outing that awarded about 1200 children for exemplary good values in their respective schools.
Awardees arrived with their parents and families in time for the event and enjoyed the event experience.

Your Choices Count

This Program, helps young people learn how to succeed in school/college and live happy, worthy and fulfilling personal lives and become engaged, responsible and productive citizens. read more

Core Values Consulting

We help leaders and managers build and shape their organizations culture by providing assessments, executive coaching and training programs that contemplate the essential role of character and competence in decision-making.

Values-Driven Parenting

Parents who want to raise children of excellence in character and learning, build capacity for deep and enduring personal relationships, or even if you just want to enjoy genuine happiness and harmony with spouse!


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