Your Choices Count School Agenda

is a Character/Life-Skills Development Solution that delivers Knowledge, Skills, Values and Traits to enable young people to succeed in school/college, to live happy, worthy and fulfilling personal lives and become engaged, responsible and productive citizens.

Values Driven Parenting Family Agenda

is for parents who desires to raise children of good values and conduct, but can’t find the resource and support to get started. It offers parents the content, activities and support to raise quality values driven children and enjoy a more harmonious family life. 

Good Values & Life-Skills Education Partnerships & Sponsorship Platform

is a unique blue ocean space with tremendous value propositions for CORPORATE BRANDS to sponsor and support our numerous good values education programs and projects to benefit the lives of Nigerian children and youths.

Values & Life-Skills Development Training & Certification Academy

Bridges To Goodness Projects offers foundational trainings and certifications that focuses on systematic values-driven change in schools and homes for educators and parents with a wide array of online and on-site skill-based…


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